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Wealth Management

How We Can Help you Meet Your Financial Goals
At Capital United Investments, we believe that everyone deserves a trusted partner and advisor to help them achieve their financial goals.  We strive to help our clients see the future they want. We are fiduciaries and advisors.  Our team focuses on educating and empowering our clients while developing comprehensive financial strategies tailored to meet your long-term goals.

While successful client-advisor relationships have always been based on trust, among the burgeoning population of affluent millennial investors – whose perception of the financial industry remains skewed by events leading up to the 2008 financial crash – more than ever that trust must be earned. Today, trust is largely synonymous with transparency, which the majority of consumers prioritise over personal interaction with advisors. This is true particularly with regard to fees, which to many investors remain a mystery – according to the above-mentioned EY survey, around a quarter of current wealth management clients are still unaware of how they are being charged. A simple way then for wealth managers to establish a basis of trust is by offering an honest and accessible explanation of their fee structure to potential clients online, while more forward-thinking firms can go further by encouraging open discourse through social media and online community forums.

Risk Contol
We are here to help our clients achieve risk adgusted returns.  We are here to help our clients correctly diversify and make good investments in strong compnaies.  We teach our clients how to hedge against possible downturns and how to rebalance portfolios when necessary.  

What is a Fiduciary?
The advisors at Capital United are fiduciaries. By definition, a fiduciary is a person or organization that puts their clients' interest ahead of their own and has a duty to preserve good faith and trust. As fiduciaries, every one of our advisors is registered with the state securities regulator and is bound both legally and ethically to act in the best interests of our clients. We are here to leverage our years of knowledge and experience to help you navigate your path to financial freedom – every step of the way.As your personal advisor, we are happy to answer any financial questions you might have along the way. In fact, we encourage you to ask questions because we want you to be comfortable and confident in our relationship.

Why hire Capital United as a Fiduciary?
-rebalancing at appropriate times and                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
-Allocating across market capitalization, asset classes and global regions
-Mitigating the risk while generating the required return
-Harvesting for tax losses
-Calculating the tax effects of your withdrawals and formulating a tax strategy for your investments
-Contributing the right amounts to your qualified accounts to avoid an excess contribution penalty from the IRS
-Consulting with you throughout the investment process and sticking to investment goals. 
-Avoiding fear-based trades stemming from political and
economic news

We are Focused on your Long-Term Success
-Our partnership does not end with investing your money. Have a question about your insurance? Health care? The financial wellbeing of your children or your parents? How to pay for that new roof or car? We are here to help you with all those questions and more.

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